Mobile Bingo Sites

URL: You canĀ visit the homepage here.

Mobile Bingo Sites does what it says on the tin. There is a listing of approximately 20 different sites, each listing features a supposedly impartial review, screenshots of the app, information about the various bonuses and promotions you can claim and a quick summary at the end.

I would say the site is innovative, but it really isn’t. Now don’t get me wrong, don’t take that as a negative review. The site itself is very simple, works great on mobile phones and tablets, and gets down and dirty to the nitty gritty details without wasting your time.

What We Like

  • Features no deposit and deposit bonuses.
  • Gives a mostly honest appraisal of sites.
  • Works at all website resolutions with it’s responsive layout.
  • Nicely designe logo.
  • Easy to navigate and use.

What We Dislike

  • Site needs to be larger.
  • Facebook and social media pages not updated often enough.

All things considered, our experience at was mostly pleasant. The site itself is pretty new (only a few months old) and I think it has a good future ahead of it.

Our rating: B-

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